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Corporate Strategies

2016 is a year of strategic adjustments to embrace the changing economic landscape. The resulting dual focus of real estate development and culture will optimise the business portfolio of the company for greater versatility, profitability, and resilience. Sanxiang, with a more sustainable business mode, enhanced capabilities to manage risks and a higher growth potential will be better positioned to create value for the shareholders. The company’s business strategies include: 

1. Steady growth in the real estate business. Focusing on first-tier cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, the company will acquire land in a pace appropriate to its development capacity for continuous operation. Sanxiang positions itself as high-tech and green; the integration of Impression Wonders, moreover, will add a cultural element to the offerings, elevating them from livable spaces to elegant homes. 

2. Rapid expansion of the culture business. The company will strive for a strategic presence in prime tourist destinations through acquisition of mature projects, increasing its stake, and cultivating a talent pool of artists. Beyond delivering the performance commitments within the commitment period, Sanxiang envisions Impression Wonders as a leading culture and performing arts brand in China. The company aims to develop its culture business into one with artistic excellece, high market share and brand reputation. The synergy effect of real estate and culture will be reflected in business development, finance and management. 

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